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How to Build Campaigns to Collect Leads, Drive Sales and Boost Engagement

You want results from your Campaigns and we want to help. Here’s our four-step formula for building a successful Campaign:


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Build Campaigns that help your brand accomplish its goals. Here are just three examples of goals ShortStack can help you meet.

Collect LEads


Collect Leads

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Create a sweepstakes

Drive Sales


Drive Sales

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Share a coupon with fans

Boost Engagement


Boost Engagement

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Host a photo-vote contest

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Whether you’re a code whiz or a tech novice, ShortStack is the DIY solution for promotions, photo contests, video contests, essay contests, voting contests, lead-generation forms, newsletter sign-ups and most anything else you can imagine.

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Publish your Campaigns where you want to drive the most traffic. With ShortStack, you can publish anywhere on the web including Facebook, your website, blog and beyond!


Take a peek at how a ShortStack-built Campaign looks published on multiple different platforms.


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Engage your Facebook fans by publishing your Campaign as an application.


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Create an independent hub for your Campaign that you can direct all your fans and followers to.


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Easily embed your Campaign in the body of a blog post – like you do a Youtube video!


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Every Campaign you create with ShortStack is mobile ready!

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Between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, your brand is all over the web. Promote your Campaigns on the platforms you use the most to keep people engaged with your brand.

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Want to use email marketing to promote your Campaign? No problem! ShortStack integrates with your favorite email services like Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact and Highrise.


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Use the data you collect using Campaigns to make better business decisions. The more you know about your customers, the more easily you can create relevant and targeted messages for them.

Types of Data You Can Collect with ShortStack:



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Use this winning formula to make your next Campaign a success.

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